Artist's Coordinators

Above left: Artist, Dana McKinney does creative painting and drawing. Dana presented her work and coordinated the artists for the musicians' cookout.  Above right; crafter and entrepreneur Darlene Wagner (white t-shirt) sits at her crafts table. She also coordinates the vendors for the musicians' cookout.

Martial ARtists

Above:  Master Martial Artist, Don Williams and the students from his Oneida-Westcott Dojo demonstrate their martial arts skills.  A red belt expert with 40 years experience, Williams teaches Karate to people of all ages and skills levels. 

Metal forge artist

Above:  Mark Teece, a British born American Citizen demonstrates the age old art of metal forging (blacksmithing) at a JAMS event.  He also teaches the art form and is the president of New York State Designer Black Smiths. Mark's group designs creative bike racks which they donate to communities along the Erie Canal. 


Above:  A few original pieces from the collection of Hatian-American creative artist, Jean "O'skoo" Edouard.  O'skoo does live painting demonstrations, murals, body painting and portraits on canvas and other creative surfaces. He also does graphic arts for event promoters.