1. This page is dedicated to the JAMMERS who have received a JAMS' Award for excellence due to their contributions and support of the Syracuse Music & Arts Scene. We salute and memorialize them here. 

The recipients are as follows: 

Family of Bobby Green (At his passing, In honor of his legend and influence on Syracuse's Music Scene) 
John Bowens (Singer 70's band Future Shock) 
Ernest Ringo (Drummer & Keyboardist 60&70's RnB bands) 
James "Gator" Boutwell (60&70's RnB bands) 
Marcus Curry (Legendary Jazz Guitarist 60's - present) 

Kenny Dees 

(Radio host)

Bobby Green (Legendary Blues and RnB Guitarist) 
Sharon Owens (Deputy Mayor of Syracuse) 
Helen Hudson (President of Syracuse Common Council) 
Walter Dixie (Executive Director Jubilee Homes) 
Pamela Hunter (NY State Assemblywoman) 
Troy Waffner (Director, NY State Fair) 
Sheena Solomon (Executive Director, Gifford Foundation) 
Stephen Butler (Executive Director CNY Arts) 
Frank Malfitano (Syracuse Jazz Fest founder and exec director)