JAMS enhances Central New Yorkers' arts experiences by expanding their exposure to diverse creative artistry.
Joined Artists, Musicians & Singers, Inc (JAMS) 501c3, is a collaborative of creatives based in Syracuse, NY.  Its mission is to enhance the diversity of CNY's arts scene while  building pathways to the creative economy for artists who have traditionally not been included. JAMS connects the artists to paid opportunities by utilizing their services for its events and by connecting them with opportunities from other arts presenters.
JAMS produces three flagship events annually, (JAMS Musician's Cookout, JAMS World Beat, and JAMS Funk Fest.)  Since 2014 the events have generated nearly 1,000 individual paid opportunities for diverse artists.  If you're an artist looking for opportunities to present your artistry, and/or if you're  just looking to get involved, link up with us here. 
Are you and/or your organization are looking for something new and tasty to present at your next big event? JAMS would love to collaborate with you  on a cultural partnership to help navigate and select the right diverse artist(s) to enhance it.  Chose from a wide variety of artists  to contact us here to get started.
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JAMS' mission is supported by the tax deductible contributions of generous supporters like you and from the small increases gained through its activities. If you would like to contribute to our mission and/or support an upcoming event find out more here.